We are actively engaged in wholesaling and Supplying highly reliable assortment of Measuring , Precision and Testing Instruments These are widely acknowledged among precious clients for their unmatched quality, robust construction, durability.
Digital Caliper
Dial Caliper
Vernier Calipers
Special Verniers
Outside Micrometer
Digital Micrometer
Special Micrometer
Height Measurement
Data Transfer
Depth Measurement
Dial Indicator
Digital Indicator
Dial Test Indicator
Magnetic Stands
Hardness Tester
Thickness Gage
Levelling Instruments
Internal and External Diameter Measurement
Bench Center
Comparator Stand
Concentricity Gage
Force Gage
Torque Tester Torque Wrench
Linear Scale
Linear Gage
Profile Projector
Vision Measuring System
Digital Microscope
Industrial Rigid Borescope , Videoscope
Roughness Tester
Slip Gauge
Angle Measurment
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